I’d just got home from school-run and all I could think of is, how am I going to get this magazine done? From the design layout to content placement I am yet to figure it out.
Hmm… I started this magazine because I wanted to reach out more to a lot of people with something fresh and different from the norm; and also give creatives more liberty to pour out their souls undiluted.
I am absolutely sticking with my vision.

Passion! That’s my driving force, it’s always been; that is what has kept me up at night organizing and searching for the right people to work with. I know it’s expected for one to think, oh well, passion is all there is to it… but No Way! It actually takes much more than passion.  Persistence and perseverance must also be in the mix for a dream to come true.
Lately, I have been on a quest to integrate new creatives into my team and since I have been on this quest, I have come across different kinds of people, attitudes and sentiments. And I have soaked up some lessons along this path. Some of these lessons are;
– Messages are read and (might be) interpreted differently by the other party. Sending a voice note (oral communication) might be better where a written message can/could be misconstrued.  CONTINUE READING 



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