Dear Diary,

My dad had returned from his trip and he just wanted to come pick us instead of allowing us join the school bus. While he was taking his usual tour around the school,

someone that did not really like the way I was playing with both my pens while fellowship was going on just fixed my fathers gaze in my direction. And when he bit his lip which was his sign of anger, I saw it and knew I had to find a new home or pray that my mum was in the car waiting. As I sat in the car and put on my seat belt,it came.The slap.  I could see stars,white black blue and red stars with the ding dong sound in my head before I could answer his question on why I was playing when everyone had their eyes closed …But this soldier’s slap was an upgraded version of that and I was still standing in front of him until he said “get away from here” The effect of the slap had not cleared.


I was cleaning my cassette and I needed time to do that. So I walked back to the noodles bros and demanded my plate of noodles while everyone including  those in the hilux marveled at my courage. I wished I could explain to them what I was going through. I did stay clear of noodles or anything that looked like it for weeks as the thought brought me the the question of how many times I was really slapped….

To be continued…

Written by Chival Peters

Edited by Kayz Umeh.

Featured illustration by Pinterest

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