Dear Diary,

When I first got to the noodles spot, I had realized it was not just me had that odd hour craving and it felt good. But now we were all victims that had fallen into the temptation of this odd hour noodles craving.


Who wants to be reminded to sit on the tarred road twice?! We didn’t only sit right,we arranged ourselves neatly. I think it impressed the oga that I had now known he was the GOC of the division because he had this smile that said he had succeeded in depositing fear in us. The truth is we didn’t know what was going on and no one dared ask the next person.  After failing to see identification cards from the two guys that were already seated with the simple command of “enter hilux”,it was my turn and I pulled out everything that had my face on it even health insurance.


I don’t know till date if it was the prayer that I had said in that moment, more times than a monk would pray in two days or it was my fingers that were already vibrating because my instinct had began to mock me saying I would not last wherever the hilux would take me, but then my verdict came”what are you doing out at this time? ” He asked as he handed me my cards ” I just came out to ……………… ” he slapped the rest of the words out of my mouth like he knew it was going to be noodles and it irritated him. He had to let me go. Diary the truth is, I don’t know how many times he slapped me.  Most times I think it was once, and then other times I think it was twice. Between one or two. But it was quick and the effect corrupted the file in my head,separating my medulla from its oblongata and my settings was restored to default,automatically connecting me to the first slap I ever received that left me STAR STRUCK.

To be continued…

Written by Chival Peters

Edited by Kayz Umeh.

Featured illustration by Pinterest

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