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Part one

Wednesday 1:22 am, an odd hour to crave a nicely prepared plate of noodles. The thing is I didn’t want to prepare it. But even if I did want to,it would kill my appetite. I didn’t want to do that to the things in my belly that had begun to make obvious their existence with the sound they made.

Who says I didn’t want that motivation? Instinct commanded me to stay,and cravings forced me out . I was out in no time before I could change my mind.The only thing in my head was a plate of noodles and as soon as I got there I gave the bros the money even after he told me that I would wait in line as there were four others before me. I kept nodding to whatever song the speaker was blasting as I waited for my turn. And then he announced with the smile that met mine “bros na your own I dey do now o”. The Hail Mary prayer I recited that day built the foundation of my Christianity.


The noodles was about to be served when two white Toyota hilux showed up with Nigerian Army number plates and soldiers jumping out of it, like they were on a tactical mission to arrest a terrorist. Then one of them with the rank that told me he was the oga pointed to my position and said “start from here” Within the seconds that took them to match to my position I had said “ewo, chimoo, what is this? Where is this? Why me? Why now? who is this?” if what was going on in my head made sense,I did not  know because my position with these serious looking soldiers that had began to command me to step out and sit on the tarred road,  did not.



To be continued…

Written by Chival Peters

Edited by Kayz Umeh.

Featured illustration by Pinterest

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