currently listening to Toni Braxton – Unbreak my heart

As I took the long walk back to the hostel, I had to press my hand against my skin to be sure it was me in real life and the phrase officially over not what it really meant. I tried to generate safer synonyms to the phrase officially over, my puff-puff cheek had hugged my cheek bone so tightly and food was the last thing on my mind.

My friends had noticed no matter how hard they tried to talk me out of my sadness of being heartbroken, they knew I was the only one that understood the pain I felt and for a first time lover, it meant being broken into a billion pieces.


And when I lay at night replaying the events of the day, each episode of our special moment brought emptiness.  I was incomplete, the absence of her laughter as it passes through my ear to my soul and the sweet voice I would never hear call me that sweet name she had christened for just me, most of all I thought about how long the pain would last, I thought about if the scar would really heal, if I would end up breaking so many hearts to justify my vengeance on the one soul that represents a gender.

Cupid had shot me with a gun and I had been baptised in the pain of LOVE.

To be continued…

Written by Chival Peters

Edited by Kayz Umeh.

Featured illustration by Pinterest

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