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She said it, after so much torture, she finally said it to me. It’s official, with two of her friends as witnesses, she broke up with me using the word ‘official’.

Is this to be my penance for the times that I made her shed tears, when I thought reporting myself anytime that the lips we now both owned had touched the lips of another? I thought this would mean I was being open?

Yes, I did see it coming; Those signs that come with the lines that had become a cliché for a whole month ” I can’t talk right now” and the big ‘BUSY’ on her line that shot my bare heart with the thought that she was talking to someone else. A man who was possibly my replacement.

But what did it all matter now? she had said it, and the memories I created of the future with her began to crumble before my eyes, each pillar falling with intent to leave an unforgettable scar.

pintrest love potion cupid

There I stood, with the voices saying ‘NO!’repeatedly in my head, I began to say it myself while I walked in circles around her.  I had finally fallen in love with her and I had fallen yakata.

So the thought of her leaving me, crumbled my spirit and my body.  Her friends looked at me with that pity look that said “NO HE WONT SURVIVE THIS” . Just like Judas, she had planted the kiss of betrayal on our love.

To be continued…

Written by Chival Peters

Edited by Kayz Umeh.

Featured illustration by Chris Okonkwo

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